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This is an expression I had never heard before last week. Then, in this month’s issue of AAA’s Westways magazine, I read an article on the last page about an explosion at an electro-plating company in LA that happened in 1947. In this piece the author says; “Residential structures damaged in the explosion were replaced by low industrial buildings that now line the local streets cheek by jowl.”

This morning, on CBS Sunday Morning, almost the same expression was used in a segment about cemeteries.

When grown, I finally sought a home all my own in another Carolina town. The realtor complained, “Found you one great Victorian fixer-upper. Problem? Damn thing’s cheek-to-jowl against a Colonial cemetery.” 

Spoken by Allan Gurganus

Google shows me “About 588,000 results” for this expression, which I had never heard before last week.

There’s not much more to this blog post, except to say, that was an odd coincidence. Would you agree?