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In reverse order, these topics came up on our weekly ritual “must see, TV.” 

  1. “When you write, you go to heaven, you really go to some other place that is really almost divine.” he said. – Ted Danson
  2. Dr. Pangloss
  3. Richard Ayedon

The first one is a quote from a segment they did on Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, where they reviewed the career of Mary and her marriage to Ted. Although the piece was all about Mary, that quote from Ted really touched my soul. I write because I like writing, but nobody had ever quite put it into such spiritual terms. It made me cry and I don’t like to cry.

Richard Ayedon was a world famous photographer. His book happend to be on a mantle behind the person doing the interview with Mary Steenburgen. I notice little things like this when I watch TV or see movies and then I have to go look them up to find out what I don’t know. Funny, huh?

Dr. Pangloss was mentioned by Richard Sherman, so I had to go look that up on Google. That link is provided for your research pleasure. It seems to me I’ll have to go find a copy of Candide and do some reading. That, and Lolita, seem to be recurring themes in references made to works I’ve not read.