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If you knew me and cared about me, you might one day say to me; “You are too thin!” I get that a lot. My wife complains incessantly about it. My close friends, which means those who know that they can say anything to me in complete honesty, say that very same thing. Being too thin is apparently a problem to those closest to me.

Often times, I’ll joke in my response – that I live on a diet of constant stress. That isn’t far from the truth, to be honest with you. But that’s not the subject of this blog post. And, I would not recommend to anyone that they ever emulate my stressful lifestyle for any reason.

So, here’s the thing. Hunger is OK with me. As much as I know when nature tells me I’m hungry I should eat, it just doesn’t motivate me enough to make me drop what I’m doing and go find food.

In fact, there’s always the conflict of not knowing what I want to eat at that moment. Do I want another sandwich, do I want another burrito, am I going to be happy with a burger, or Panda Express for fast Chinese food? What, WHAT am I going to have for lunch? Did I have chicken or fish or steak for dinner? That answer helps me to decide what I don’t want to have for lunch. This is an ongoing conflict for me. That very same conflict makes hunger all the more attractive. This is crazy talk!

Given that I don’t have a goal in mind for this blog post, I’m just going to save and close. I know I’m happier right after a good meal, so I should want that happiness three times a day. To be honest, I am more likely to eat two or three meals in a day. Seriously, I’m too thin and I know it. The change I need to make is purely psychological, I’m pretty sure of that fact.

That’s all for now. If anyone reading this is “overweight” – whatever that means – consider enjoying hunger as a feeling that is akin to getting thinner. Or, you could add a little stress to your life and have that for lunch. I’m kidding.

This is just something I’m writing for therapeutic purposes and if it has any value for you, well that’s just good luck for both of us!