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Now, Google Plus

So, just as I’m getting the hang of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc., (yes, I know I’ve left out LinkedIn and I don’t know why) along comes Google+ to add something bigger to the mix. You may as well know this right up front, I’ve subscribed...

A New Blogger Is Born

Today, I created and posted her first bit of content. It was a self-serving exercise, one I was happy to complete; as I needed to capture screens for a “Getting Started With Blogging” set of instructions. So now I have a...


I’ve been a fan and promoter anyd supporter of for some time now. They’ve expanded their offering to include – so double the impact. Woo-hoo!

Blogging In Two Steps

Today I had a spirited discussion with a computer tutor with deep and wide experience. She has worked with over a hundred people from the awesome generation (my newly coined term for people who preceded the baby-boomers and are likely to be grandparents to gen X and Y...


Today I received an email purportedly from Adobe, the company that makes Acrobat and a bunch of other cool software, inviting me to “upgrade your application”. DON’T DO IT! The sending email address is adobesystems – which is not