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Rouzell Enterprises is a Palm Desert based company providing compassionate care to people who use computers. This includes computer repair and computer support, also computer training and network support, and social media training and support. We are diligently working toward becoming your Palm Desert SEO Expert. If you have any need regarding computers, networks, or social media, one call to Brian Rouley at Rouzell Enterprises is all it takes to get the help you need.

If you can accept Twitter as an adverb in this context, that title makes sense.

At exactly 20 minutes and 47 seconds into a half-hour presentation, Jay Abraham says this: “And you should live for making people’s lives better because you’re in it.”

Forgiving the grammar error there, I found that one statement to be the core of his message.

There’s a whole lot more to it, about responsibility and your duty to your clients. I found it well worth the listen – time well spent.

I had not heard of Sang Events, until I stumbled upon Sally Hogshead on Twitter.