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OK, I don’t often do this. However, this movie deserves a review. If you are going to see a movie and want something that will lead you through a sweet and kind of sad journey of eventual triumph, Safety Not Guaranteed is an excellent choice.

The lead female role reminded me of Juno, where she has kind of a sarcastic, brilliant observational wit. The two male leads are both idealists, who are disappointed and fully realized in the end. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Maybe the only weakness in the story is the “men in black” guys who are supposed to be investigating the crime. Otherwise, it all ties together nicely and the ending is a pleasant surprise.

This is very much a patchwork of emotional turmoil, suffered through by characters who have loved and lost and are learning to love. You’ll enjoy it, I think. Drop me a line if you do decide to go. 

Thank you.


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