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After teaching two of the three sessions on Social Media at CVWBC, I’ve learned an awful lot about what people want to know and what they think and feel about Facebook and Blogging. This has been quite an education for a teacher. Facebook will likely always be something of a puzzle to business users, as we struggle to make it pay back some kind of return on our (time) investment. You can’t beat the price.

Blogging on the other hand, is even more nebulous. How can anyone clearly say what you should blog, or why you should blog, or how to create your brand through blogging? The answer, it seems, is that there are so many reasons to blog, and so many ways you can derive value through this activity, that it would be nearly impossible to cover all of the possibilities. The bottom line is drawn at the foundation of your own creativity. Write something if you have something to say. If it is of value to your readers, they’ll come back for more. 

It seems simple, now that I’ve said that.