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One of my newest business associates, Denise Welch, told me that HootSuite posts to Facebook are treated differently that posts made directly to Facebook. Now that I have gone back to look at the different posts made by each method, I definitely see her point.

Posts that I make directly to Facebook have three links at the bottom left corner, Like – Comment – Share – and they all work as they should. Those posts that I’ve created using HootSuite have, Like – Comment – but the share button is just above the others and it says; Share with HootSuite.

So, now I have to look at posts that come from other people. Do they all have the same full set of links for Like – Comment – Share? Nope, it seems some do, some do not. It appears to me that posts from personal Facebook accounts always have the Share link and those from business pages do not. 

File this under; “Things learned while on the way to teaching.” 

If the only constant is change, I’ll always have work to do.