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Today, I created and posted her first bit of content. It was a self-serving exercise, one I was happy to complete; as I needed to capture screens for a “Getting Started With Blogging” set of instructions. So now I have a complete Word documents with all the requisite images to show any beginner how to get started with blogger, a free service from Google.

As much as I love SquareSpace for the ease of use and the CMS they provide, it might be a bit much to suggest to a new user that they should maintain a website, as well as a blog. Yes, I know they are one in the same, essentially, but clearly blogging on Google’s platform is easy to understand as one component of many services you already know and enjoy from the leader of cloud based technology.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Soon, I’ll be posting a compete set of instructions on how to get started and how to maintain a blog. Yes, I know it has been done before and it is extremely simple to find this information for yourself, but sometimes, the way I serve it, the information has that “value-added” sweetness that comes with “compassionate care for people who use computers.”