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It’s interesting to note that since starting down this path, I’ve collected a fairly nice cadre of folks who are available with so much to share about social media. This must one of those, “Law of Attraction” things that I’ve put into motion with my activities. The best thing about this is kind of similar to something I wrote about some time ago; it is simply wonderful how much is available for free and how helpful people are willing to be.

When Woz and Jobs were young, I’m sure they imagined a revolution of sorts and they might have thought that so much of the stuff that could be done should be made available to the masses. Starting out with an idea that likely contained the expression, “Change the World”, resulted in one of the greatest American success stories of past decades and certainly of this century, thus far. But I digress.

The intent of this article was simply to marvel at the results I’ve already achieved, even though I’m a relative newcomer to social media. I recall one person who cajoled me into trying out Facebook, her name is Jen (she and her husband have a history of success and have recently produced a second edition of their progeny). In case either of them seem this post, I hope that sounded as complimentary as was intended. At her insistence, I sat down and launched my account with Facebook, thinking I might learn as I go and have it figured out pretty quickly. This was not so and I very soon realized that fact .

I am still learning as I go, but now I can see the value from the business side of things. My first account was pretty quickly overrun by a lack of management on my part. So I learned a good lesson about a new definition of friends. After starting my business account, I now see that Facebook has huge potential as one of many marketing tools you have at your disposal today.

Since I want to wrap this up, let me finish by saying, thank you. To Jen, for providing the kick in the pants I needed and especially to all of those I am following, or who follow me, or who have liked and provided likeable content on Facebook. Blogging will likely become a big deal for me. Other tools will help to promote my blogs along with my website and ultimately the business I’m in, which is “providng compassionat care for people with computers.” Thanks also to HootSuite, for the cool tools.

Thanks for listening. Have a good night. BR