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Things I did today:

Early trip to the store to buy eggs, come home and cooked eggs two different ways, scrambled for Margaret, over medium for me. Ate breakfast, started watching a video (amid constant interruptions from barking dogs) about writing and promoting a book. Drank a “Super Pump” supplement prior to leaving for the gym, worked out, took a shower. Went home to enjoy a protein shake and prepared for seeing a client. Did some stuff with YouTube, trying to figure out the best settings for a private channel to be used to post Toastmasters videos (the jury is still out on this decision). Drove to La Quinta to help a client with an X-Box installation – fun stuff! Drove back to Palm Desert, did some banking, got a hair cut, checked Lotto tickets (had 4 out of 9 winners) and bought a new one for tonight. Started driving to my office, but got a call from Margaret asking if I could get to the theater earlier, since it might be crowded and of course, that’s what I did. Saw Django Unchained, a typically bloody action drama from Tarantino. Drove to the grocery store to buy salmon for dinner, then back home to cook dinner. Ate dinner and now I’m typing this blog entry. 

Other things I did today:

Solved most of a sudoku puzzle – responded to a question from a Google+ contact – posted a nice picture with a quote on Google+ – trying out Astrid task management software – downgraded my Hootsuite subscription – made a deposit to my bank accounts – installed Professor Teaches software on Windows 8 – and of course, checking my email accounts, Facebook and Twitter, along with Google+ for new stuff.

How’s that for a full day?

If you are ever struggling to find content you might post on your blog, reflect on the things you do throughout the day. Any number of the things I did today could provide a topic for a blog entry. YOU CAN DO IT – blogging is easy!