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In a few minutes, you can create your own blog and start writing for the love of writing.

  1. Think of a domain name. (This is the hardest part)
  2. Set up hosting with WordPress. (I recommend Bluehost.)
  3. Pick a theme. (And, write something!)

OK, you might say that is actually four or five steps. And, that second step may seem to be the most challenging from a technical perspective. So, I’ll make it easy for you here. Click the link below to get started. Then, come back here for further instruction on setting up WordPress for your blogging site.

Click here to get started with Siteground.

WordPress Tutorial on Siteground

Now that you have your hosting account up and running install WordPress and you are ready to start writing. Well, almost…

That last step, about finding a theme, is something you can do later…. However, be warned, there may be thousands of themes available, so don’t get lost in making that decision.

One last warning, the Control Panel on Siteground may seem daunting at first glance, but it is a great place to poke around and learn all about what goes on behind the scenes with hosting. At the very least, look at the email section, to see how you can create a new email address for yourself at your new domain name. More information on the Control Panel will be in future articles.

For now, just get started with blogging. Send an email if you need any help with any of this, or send an email with a link to your first blog post! Or, do both…

Brian Rouley