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Today, after chasing after a few dollars for the work I do, helping people with computers, I went back to my office and arrived just in time to join in a Google+ Hangout, hosted by Meilani MacDonald. Meilani is a fellow Toastmaster and invited me to attend. I’m so glad she did.

The two most important things you must do after writing a book:
Have it edited professionally and create a great cover.
So, pay someone to edit your work and pay a graphic designer to design a wonderful cover for your book.

In this one hour session, I learned more about self-publishing than I could ever have learned through independent research. It’s interesting to note that getting published through traditional means seems like a pipe dream in comparison to the potential of self-publishing. It was also enlightening to find that my idea on preserving history through blogging was so well received by our guests from, an online magazine and independent publishing resource.

I’ve committed to writing a story about a project I want to start, which has to do with young people helping older people to share their stories through blogging. Although I’m not sure that there is enough content to turn it into a book, I do know how I feel, in terms of the level of passion I have for this project.

National Novel Writing Month – November – 50,000 words in 30 days!

It’s so cool how you can learn so much in such a short time span. I’ve definitely found the right circle of influence through my association with Toastmasters. Four of the five or six participants in this hangout were fellow Toastmasters and that group has really lit a fire under my inspiration and between writing for my many blogs and writing and delivering speeches at Toastmaster, I can feel the sea change that is happening with each new experience. What a trip!

That’s all for today. It was a good one.