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That headline is missing the obvious, “is” as a verb. Without it, the phrase could have a few different meanings. But this is not about English. This is about writing.

Blogging is at least as easy as email. In email, there are more requirements, like a purpose, an addressee or list of recipients, subject line and body, with or without attachments.

Here, on a blog, you only need to have something to say and a place to put it online. My recipients are EVERYONE with an internet connection and a web browser. My subject is the title, this is the body.

Attachments and links to other things are optional, as they are in email. And, if you have a Gmail account, you have access to, where you can set up your blogspot for free!

If that’s not easy, I don’t know what is…. Why should you do it? Three Beautiful Things is a great example, and blogging for posterity is a great reason you should start today.

Sure, I could have plugged my own blogs, but it you’ve come this far, maybe you’re already a fan!