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This is my story, as told on my new venue –

This idea came to me in two parts: 
In the first place, I heard about Joslyn Center’s meals on wheels program. Someone said that often times, recipients of these meals are shut-ins and the only person they may see on a daily basis is the one delivering their meals. This started me wondering how many of them have no computer and no internet access – logically, one might expect that if they cannot afford to provide for food, technology would be an unaffordable luxury.
Part two came from an introduction to the Mourning Star Center. The Mourning Star Centers are dedicated to providing gentle and loving support to children and teens who are experiencing grief, often times resulting from the death of a parent or sibling. 
So, combining the two needs and building a bridge to something I believe will literally change the course of history, I thought it would benefit both young people and older people, if they could work together on recording their stories for posterity – via blogging. This is important to me, because I cannot simply accept that we will lose all the richness of history available to us today from original sources. It is important to me, because I love blogging, technology, and people (young and old), not necessarily in that order!