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I’m there – well, Rouzell is there. All of this social media stuff helps, but the best results seem to have come from blogging and using keywords to promote what Rouzell does and where Rouzell does it. Like this:

Rouzell Enterprises is a Palm Desert based company providing compassionate care to people who use computers. This includes computer repair and computer support, also computer training and network support, and social media training and support. If you have any need regarding computers, networks, or social media, one call to Brian Rouley at Rouzell Enterprises is all it takes to get the help you need.

Yes, I’ve put several other keywords and phrases in the meta data of each post. But, now this article starts to sound technical and you know we speak plain English here. So, if you want help with getting your business name to show up on page one of Google results, click on the link above to get to the Rouzell website. Find my number and my email address and make contact. 

Go ahead and search; “Palm Desert Computer” in the meantime and see if you find Rouzell in the results. Add another word after, “computer” – like training, support, repair, or help – then see what you see. Enjoy! BR