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Searching for this phrase online; “Before You Go”, I found one organization at dot US, that is website dedicated to gratitude to veterans. This is good, but I am hoping to create a foundation for the purpose of preserving history, through blogging. By that, I mean to get our elders to tell their stories (before we lose them, before they go), either through their own writing skills or by relating them to someone who can simply type them into blog entries for all the world to see.

I’m going to work several channels to bring this project to fruition, including letters to philanthropic organizations, requesting funding for the computers and the administration of the program. It seems to me there should be enough students seeking extra credit to raise their grade point averages to staff the needs for young mentors to work with our elders. They already have the computer skills, and some of them would surely benefit by learning the patience necessary to work with older people and by hearing those stories, they will personally experience a recounting of history unavailable through traditional schooling.

I’ll post this in a few places and see what kind of response I get. In the meantime, if you have access to funding resources and want to lend a hand or a few bucks, I’m open to suggestions, introductions, and donations. 

Thanks for listening. I’ll keep you posted. BR