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This is relatively new, although I did remove this virus from a computer in the early summer of this year. So, my first experience with it was about 4 months ago, now.

MoneyPak Virus will completely halt your windows computing activities and plaster a garish, official looking, FBI warning on your screen that claims your PC has been used for illegal activities. With the police on their way to arrest you, unless you pay these fools $200, you are instructed to go to a store and buy a MoneyPak, which you must then send to the authors of the virus and somehow, magically, they will restore your computer to normal. Seriously?

Truly, I hope you don’t have this experience, but if you do, there is plenty of advice available about how to remove the virus on your own. It seems the majority of the advice about removal has been posted by the makers of SpyHunter, which will cost you 40 bucks. I’ve never used this software, so I cannot validate their claims that guarantee removal in 5 minutes and that theirs is the “Easiest and Quickest Removal Method!”

You can get free tools from Malwarebytes and BleepingComputer that will allow you to restore your computer to normal. You’ll have to know a bit about starting in safe mode with networking and there is one easy step you can take to basically disable most viruses from taking root at startup.

As soon as I get my subscription service working, I’ll post the complete instructions on how to do this for yourself. I’m selling a subscription to my services (via remote access) for $50 per year to select clients. Very likely, my newsletter will be available at that same price (soon).

Until then, practice safe hex – be “en garde” and suspicious of email from strangers.