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OK, so we get the first one by birth. We are lucky to be born in the US, so we get the second one by default. That third one, is an inalienable right, according to the United States Declaration of Independence. However, sometimes I’ve forgotten to take advantage of this freedom.

Lately, I’ve focused some attention on this task, primarily in response to this video from YouTube, where Shawn Achor explains, through humor and story telling, that happiness should be put first. In other words, instead of thinking that achieving some arbitrary goal is going to make you happy, being happy will actually improve your chances of success in striving to achieve any goal. 

He says our system is design to always keep happiness just out of reach. As in, if you attain some goal, you don’t stop there to say, “I’m happy now.” You simply raise the bar, set a new goal and continue your quest. Again, you’ll be happy when…. Whatever fills that blank for you matters very little. If you continually move the target, you will never be happy.

So, put the odds of success in your favor by choosing to be happy first. If you do watch the video, watch as this man captures the audience immediately, gets them laughing and notice how fast he talks. It’s pretty impressive stuff, an example any public speaker might use to model his next presentation.

I’ll let you know how that goes, right after my next Toastmasters meeting. I intend to happily present.

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